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9.29.17 ... Round Top and Winnemucca Lakes

Hike Details:

  • Elevation - 8210' up to 9410'
  • Location - Trailhead is located off of Carson Pass Highway 88, take the turnoff to Woods Lake Campground, which is a mile or so past Caples Lake
  • Mileage - 5 miles roundtrip
  • Hiking time - 3 hours 

There are not enough superlatives to properly describe this area! Stunning, gorgeous, breathtaking, glorious, incredible and on and on! Which also means that pictures don't quite do it justice, especially since I forgot my "real" camera and only had my iPhone. But even with that, hopefully you can get a sense of the beauty of this hike.

 Love this picture of my boy and his dog.
 And love my other boy and the dog loves him too.

Hiking with a dog was a new experience for me. Jack is now my new favorite hiking buddy!

I loved watching him run excitedly ahead of us but always turn back to make sure we were still behind him.
 Isn't he so cute??!!

A random old car near what must have been some kind of bridge?
  Snow!! (Most likely from last winter, though there was some snow last week too)

  There were beautiful little creeks flowing down along the trail on both parts of the loop.
 Loved getting to hike with these three!

 Nothing better than being in my favorite mountains with my favorite people!

 And the most photogenic award goes to Jenessa and Jack! Never a bad picture when they're in the shot!

 Round Top Lake

Round Top Lake with Round Top Mountain in the distance -- that's a destination for the next time!

 Lots of snow!!

  Winnemucca Lake

Goodbye for now to this beautiful wilderness!
 Jack could keep hiking, but Ryan is done!