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6.14.13......Mt. Judah

Hike Details: Elevation - low 7000 ft. - high 8243 ft. Location - Trailhead is located near Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, click here for good directions Mileage - 5 1/2 miles Hiking Time - 3+ hours Route - I've done this hike numerous times and have always done it counter-clockwise for some reason. From the trailhead, climb up the zig-zagging rock trail, which leads under the ski lift for Sugar Bowl. There's a fork in the road to go left, but we always continue straight to come around the South side of Mt. Judah and take a little detour on the PCT to check out Roller Pass (where the pioneers crossed over). On the way down from Mt. Judah, we take another side trip to Donner Peak. Weather - beautiful! Hikers -Too many to name! We had a big crowd this time with the addition of a few people doing pre-hikes for Girls' Camp and the Pioneer Trek, plus some of our kids tagged along. Making our way up the very rocky mountainside