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8.25.17 ... Frog Lake

Hike Details: Elevation  - 8550' up to 8875' Location  - Trailhead is located at the Carson Pass Ranger Station on Carson Pass Highway 88, about 5 miles East of Kirkwood Ski Resort Mileage   - 3 miles roundtrip Hiking time - 3 hours 

8.4.17 ... Johnson Canyon/Donner Lake Rim Trail

Hike Details: Elevation  - 6400' up to 7630' Location  - On I-80, take the Donner Lake Road exit (not to be confused with Donner Pass Road), go north of the freeway to Billy Mack Rd and the trailhead parking is just up the road on the right. Mileage   - 6 miles roundtrip Hiking time  - 3 hours