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8.25.17 ... Frog Lake

Hike Details:
  • Elevation - 8550' up to 8875'
  • Location - Trailhead is located at the Carson Pass Ranger Station on Carson Pass Highway 88, about 5 miles East of Kirkwood Ski Resort
  • Mileage - 3 miles roundtrip
  • Hiking time - 3 hours 

It's been on my "bucket list" ever since my grandson was born to take him hiking with me! It's a little tough since he lives all the way across the country in Philadelphia, but when they were visiting this week it was finally time to drag them up to the mountains and get them on the trail with me. 

L. is a 4-yr-old big city kid, so he does a lot of city walking now that he's almost outgrown a stroller, but dirt trails in the mountains are a whole different experience. He was a little reluctant at first and required a fair bit of trickery, bribery and flat out carrying to get him up the trail to the lake, but once we were there he loved it and his favorite thing was throwing rocks in Frog Lake. 
(Another bonus, this trail is also a small little stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail.) 

 Uncle Jared was a good encourager...
 Lots of hand holding with Mom...

Lots of stopping to rest...

And finally lots of carrying...

We arrived at beautiful Frog Lake...
L. loved throwing rocks and making ripples
I love getting to share something I love with the people I love!

As far as the hike itself, this is one of my new favorite places! I'm planning to come back and go farther on to Winnemucca Lake or Round Top. Beautiful views everywhere!

 The tired little hiker...
It was a great day and one of my favorite hikes! Can't wait to take little L. hiking again!