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8.21.14 ..... Granite Chief + Emigrant Peak

Hike Details: Elevation - 8,000 - 9,006 ft. Location - Squaw Valley Resort Mileage - 5 miles Hiking time - 3 hours Route - We parked at the lot at Squaw Valley Resort and took the tram up to High Camp (it was pricey, $38 per person!!!, but it was a cool ride and shaved off quite a few miles) Weather - Gorgeous! I got to squeeze in one last hike with my boy before he left for BYU. It's been so great to have him around and to have a (mostly) willing hiking buddy.  We could have hiked the whole way from the Squaw Valley parking lot to Granite Chief, but why do that when you can take a fun tram half the way up? Looking down, deep breath... The view from High Camp towards Lake Tahoe Fun fact for you:  If you've been to Disneyland, these rocks might look familiar to you. Apparently, Walt Disney was the producer of the opening or closing ceremonies when the Olympics were held here at Squaw Valley in 1960. He loved the look of these rocks so much

8.15.14.....Horsetail Falls

Hike Details: Elevation -approx. 6,100-7,000 ft. Location - Pyramid Creek Trailhead off of Highway 50 Mileage - 3+ miles Hiking time - 2-3 hours Route -We parked at the Pyramid Creek trailhead and followed the trail signs, which basically follows the creek. At various points, it's tricky to find an actual trail because you're on fields of granite, but having the creek to follow made it easier. Eventually you come to an open area where there are signs for the Desolation Wilderness and it's required to fill out a permit to hike through this area. Again, we scrambled over some granite rocks in places, but found that the best way to go was sticking closer to the creek. You can stop anywhere along the falls, though the rocks get trickier, slicker and steeper the farther up you go. We went about halfway up, stopped for lunch and then headed back down. Weather - Gorgeous! A beautiful spot along Pyramid Creek as you begin the ascent to the falls (thanks, Misty, for