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7.30.14.....Loves Falls on the PCT

Hike Details: Elevation - approx. 4,200 - 5,200 ft. Location - just outside of Sierra City, off of Hwy. 49 Mileage - 3.5 miles one way (we didn't backtrack, we had drivers shuttle the cars to the end point) Hiking time - 2-3 hours Route - (see map and description below) - important note:  the CalTopo map (and other maps) show Loves Falls as being south of the PCT, which is incorrect, unless they're naming something else Loves Falls that are further down the river. The bridge and the bigger falls are right on the trail of the PCT. Weather - a little warm, but survivable Hikers - Holy cow! Way too many to name! I was asked to help lead a hike for our church's Girls' Camp -- this one was for the Level 2 girls (about age 13), there were over 50 of them! Then add in a dozen or so adult leaders and you've got a serious crowd on a trail. But we managed to make it work by splitting up into 3 groups and staggering our start by 5 about minutes. This trail is