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11.18.17 ... Codfish Falls

Hike Details: Elevation range - about 800' (lots of little ups and downs but no huge elevation changes) Location - from Eastbound I-80, take Exit 130, W. Paoli Lane. From the exit, turn left onto W. Paoli Lane, then continue straight on Paoli Lane (don't go back over the freeway on W. Paoli Lane). It ends at Ponderosa Road, then turn right and just keep going! It becomes a dirt road, single lane, and is SUPER bumpy! We drove my husband's truck and we were still worried about all the bumps! Definitely not a place I'd go with a sketchy vehicle as there's also no cell coverage down in the canyon. Just keep driving down the windy road until you get to the river and there's a small parking lot. Bathrooms: Maybe? Might be a pit toilet at the trailhead, if there was we didn't use it. Mileage - 3 miles roundtrip Hiking time - 1-2 hours