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6.14.13......Mt. Judah

Hike Details:
  • Elevation - low 7000 ft. - high 8243 ft.
  • Location - Trailhead is located near Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, click here for good directions
  • Mileage - 5 1/2 miles
  • Hiking Time - 3+ hours
  • Route - I've done this hike numerous times and have always done it counter-clockwise for some reason. From the trailhead, climb up the zig-zagging rock trail, which leads under the ski lift for Sugar Bowl. There's a fork in the road to go left, but we always continue straight to come around the South side of Mt. Judah and take a little detour on the PCT to check out Roller Pass (where the pioneers crossed over). On the way down from Mt. Judah, we take another side trip to Donner Peak.
  • Weather - beautiful!
  • Hikers -Too many to name! We had a big crowd this time with the addition of a few people doing pre-hikes for Girls' Camp and the Pioneer Trek, plus some of our kids tagged along.

Making our way up the very rocky mountainside

Crossing a field of wildflowers
A little historical sign about Roller Pass -- it's incredible to think about the daunting task those pioneers faced.
Amazing views

 Spencer is on top of the world

This is probably one of my favorite, go-to hikes -- it's easy to get to the trailhead, the hike is moderately strenuous but do-able for just about anyone, and the payoff at the top is spectacular!