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10.6.17 ... Training Hill - Auburn

Hike Details:

  • Elevation range - 600' to 1630'
  • Location - Auburn State Recreation Area at the intersection of Highway 49 and Old Foresthill Road, also known as the "Confluence" of the American Rivers - parking is free along most parts of the road, but there are also a few fee area parking lots
  • Mileage - 4.5 miles roundtrip
  • Hiking time - 2 hours 

Just a quick, last-minute hike up the hill in Auburn, but once we hit the "Training Hill" there was nothing quick about it. We've done this trail before and apparently I blocked out of my memory just how steep this trail was and how long the steepness lasted. For the hardcore long-distance trail runners I'm sure this is nothing, but it kicked our behinds this morning. Still fun though and a beautiful morning hike!

...and more up!
 Seemed like every time we thought we had made it to the top, there was yet again another steep climb! They're not kidding when they say the Training Hill Trail is steep!
 But we made it to the top and we're still smiling! :)