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2.9.18 ... American River/Calcutta Falls

Hike Details:
Elevation range - about 600-700' (lots of little ups and downs but no huge elevation changes)
Location - from Eastbound I-80, take the Hwy. 49 South exit towards Placerville, follow it through Auburn and down into the American River Canyon. Parking is along the street or in a few lots that require a permit. For this trail, we parked on the right side of the road, right after you cross the bridge over the river.
Bathrooms: Yes, porta-potties
Mileage - 4-5 miles roundtrip
Hiking time - 2 hours

Good morning, sunshine!

 We only had time for a quick, nearby hike so we went to one of our go-to spots, the American River confluence, and took off across No Hands Bridge onto the Western States Trail. 
A stop along the way was the "Black Hole of Calcutta" Falls. I have no idea why it's called that and some internet searching turned up nothing. It definitely sounds more exotic and interesting than it really is, but it's a pretty little waterfall. 

 We found a trail heading down to the river with a beautiful little cove, some entertaining geese and the calming sound of rushing water. Perfect morning meditation.

By the time we were heading back, it was warm short-sleeve weather. How can this be February?! We're pretty spoiled to get to hike in such beautiful weather year-round!