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12.08.17 ... Stevens Trail

Hike Details:
Elevation range - from about 2300' down to 1300'
Location - from Eastbound I-80, take the Colfax exit (135), turn left at the stop sign to get on to the frontage road called North Canyon Way, drive .6 mile to the parking lot on the left.
Bathrooms: Yes, a pit toilet (better than nothing, just barely)
Mileage - 7.5 miles roundtrip
Hiking time - 4 hours (including stop for lunch)

It's surprising that I hadn't hiked this trail yet considering it's a pretty popular one, at least according to some hike blogs and books I've read, especially in the spring when there are wildflowers. Now I can see why it's so popular--it's gorgeous! But on this day when it was chilly, there were only a few other hikers on the trail.

I love hiking first thing in the morning when the sun is just starting to come through the trees or emerging over a mountain ridge.

This is probably not a trail I'd want to bring little kids on--there were some pretty narrow spots along some really steep hills. (unless you have really obedient kids!)

Yes, the water really is this emerald! So beautiful!
Ladybugs, thousands of them, in hibernation -- we looked it up, it's a thing.
Bummer, a blurry picture from the timer but still cute. :)

Trees never cease to amaze me with their ability to grow in places that seem impossible. We can learn a lot from them!
So funny, we totally missed seeing this cave on the way in but noticed coming out. We wished we had a better flashlight!

Whew, the only down side to this trail is the up side -- you have to hike down to the river, but what goes down, must come up. Ugh, a long hill back to trailhead. But totally worth it for the beautiful views!