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1.6.18 ... Pt. Reyes

Hike Details:
Elevation range - sea level :)
Location - Limantour Beach at Pt. Reyes, we parked at the Limantour Beach Parking Lot
Bathrooms: Yes, pit toilet
Mileage - 5 miles roundtrip
Hiking time - 2 hours

We took a fun family day to Pt. Reyes to enjoy some January sunshine. 
 "Dog is his co-pilot" ;)
 This is why we still have a minivan, for carrying all the grown-up kids!

Easy trail to follow...just walk along the ocean as far as you want to go! :) Jack, the grand-dog, is a fun pal to have along on a hike! We chose this beach because it has a dogs-allowed section.

 We walked past Coast Camp where the boys have camped numerous times with the Scouts. This tree used to have a fun tree swing with an amazing view but sadly it's been taken down.

 These little birds were so funny to watch as they followed the waves in and out.

We had lunch at this beautiful spot.

After the beach we drove to the lighthouse and passed a herd of elk. 
Such a beautiful view of the hills above the ocean.
 At the beach near the lighthouse we saw an aptly named elephant seal.
Cool tree tunnel on the way back.
 A beautiful sunset to end a lovely day...
Jack ended the day in the same spot he started -- snoozing between the seats after running on the beach all day! Such a cute puppy!