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4.24.15 ... Avery Pond

Hike Details:
  • Elevation – not much
  •  Location – Rattlesnake Road, Newcastle - Folsom Lake
  • Mileage – 4-5 miles
  • Time – 2 hours
  • Route – We parked at the Avery Pond Trailhead inside Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, head North/Northeast along the trail that roughly follows the water's edge
  • Weather – lovely
This is more like a stroll, than a hike, but still a nice little workout with some lovely spring scenery with lots of pretty wildflowers. You can follow the trail along the lake for however long you want to walk and then just turn around. Hard to get lost on this one!

 This is Avery's Pond -- a nice little spot to stop for a picnic, there's one picnic table here. Lots of cute little turtles if you look closely.