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2015 Hiking Goals

I love making goals when the new year rolls around, when everything feels fresh and clean. It feels sort of like hitting the re-set button and starting over again. I always include some kind of goal for better health, but last year I also included a hiking goal -- to hike 50 miles in honor of my 50th birthday. Fortunately, I didn't specify whether it had to be all in one trip or not. Last summer was a crazy, busy one in our family so a multi-day backpacking trip wasn't going to happen. It was much more realistic to log 50 miles over the course of numerous day trips. Even that took some planning and scheduling, but I made it and did some great hikes! Probably my favorite one was the day after my birthday with this big group to Sierra Buttes Lookout -- it was awesome!
 And to get to drag along two of my kids was extra fun!

Now, on to 2015, hmm, what to do...I could add another mile and hike 51 miles for my 51 years, but nah. I "bagged" a few peaks in 2014, so I could do a few more of those. I'll probably do that anyway. But I've decided that I want to start chipping away at the Tahoe Rim Trail, which is the 165 mile long trail that completely encircles Lake Tahoe.  TRTA 025 KL
So my goal for 2015 is to hike one of the segments of the TRT (most segments range from 16-23 miles each). Not sure which one I'll do yet, I have to do some research and it will take some planning to figure out shuttling at the trailheads. But there you have it, that's the goal for 2015! TRT, here I come!