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9.5.14 ..... Maggie's Peaks South

Hike Details:
  • Elevation - 6,920 - 8,699 ft.
  • Location - Highway 89 above Emerald Bay, at the Bayview Campground
  • Mileage - 4 miles
  • Hiking time - 3+ hours
  • Route - We parked at the back of the Bayview Campground off of Hwy. 89 above Emerald Bay, the parking was free. There are two trailheads here, the left trail goes to Cascade Falls and the right heads into the Desolation Wilderness. Make sure to fill out a permit for the hike.
  • Weather - Gorgeous!
I'm stating the obvious when I say that hiking to the top of a mountain requires going up. So this hike is no different, but the "up" sure seemed pretty steep. And, I guess that makes sense when you look at the elevation change, which is over 1700 ft. in 2 miles. Whew, it was a good workout! Looks like Leslie is saying, "Are we there yet?" But don't let her fool you--she can outrun all of us. :)
At the beginning of the hike, we got glimpses of Lake Tahoe through the trees, just a hint of the view to come.
Then we rounded a corner and this came into view!
Yes, it really is that color -- that's why they call it Emerald Bay!

 Along the way we passed Granite Lake

Looking down at Cascade Lake

Just some cool trail scenery
 When we reached the saddle between the two Maggie's Peaks, even more little lakes were in view on the other side.
From the trail, we basically had to go cross-country straight up to the summit of Maggie's Peaks South. No switchbacks to make life a little easier, just onward and upward.
And then, this panoramic awesomeness appears... Lake Tahoe (the big one, stating the obvious), then Cascade Lake in the front and Fallen Leaf Lake on the right.
This one showing Emerald Bay...
 A repeater? If I can climb a few thousand feet to have lunch with this view (and these friends), definitely!!