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9.19.13.....Grouse Ridge to Island Lake

Hike Details:
  • Elevation - low 6800 ft to high 7700 ft.
  • Mileage - 5 miles
  • Hiking time - 4 hours
  • Route - Hwy 80 East, Hwy 20 exit toward Nevada City, turn right on Bowman Lake Road, turn right on Grouse Ridge Road, follow until arriving at a campground, parking is just above the campground. We hiked a little back towards the lookout on Grouse Ridge, then followed the trail back down past Milk Lake, Round Lake, Long Lake and finally to Island Lake.
  • Weather - not too cold, not too hot, perfect and beautiful!
 The view looking West from the lookout on top of Grouse Ridge.

 Long Lake
Island Lake
 Looking East, the lake might be Sanford Lake
 Round Lake
More Island Lake

 Lunch on the rocks with a view -- better than any cafe!