Okay, technically there aren't any "frequently asked questions" because no one has asked any, but I'm answering anyway and just providing some basic info for those in the hiking group (important note, if you know me or someone else in the group in real life and want to join the group, just let me know; otherwise, it's a private group and I don't plan any public-invite hikes, sorry). With that said...
  • I try to schedule hikes at least once a month. Sometimes we might even go twice or more during the summer months. But then sometimes life gets in the way and it'll be 3 or 4 months without a hike. Let's just say I'm consistently inconsistent.
  • I usually plan on Fridays, but sometimes another day works out better. Saturdays are tough because of family activities, but that might happen once in a great while.
  • I try to mix it up with lots of different kinds of trails. Some are close by, but whenever the weather is good I try to go up higher and find some good Sierra trails that are a little more challenging. It would be fun to head over to the ocean now and then for some beach trails. 
  • It's true, I like to walk fast! I do like to "enjoy the scenery", and we stop and take pictures now and then, but a big reason I like hiking is for a great workout! The local flat trail walks will be at a fairly brisk pace (about 4 mph and usually a minimum of 4 miles) and the mountain hikes will be in the moderate category, usually at least 5 miles. Know your own fitness level and know whether you are capable of hiking at that pace at higher altitude.
  • I'm not a hiking expert or a trail guide, so these are not "guided" hikes--just a bunch of friends meeting up to hike together. I try to let you know what you should bring, but each person needs to be responsible for their own gear and their own preparedness.
  • We usually hike rain or shine--a little water never hurt anyone (a downpour would be a different story). I'm more likely to cancel for high winds. Wind is no fun!
So, lace up your hiking shoes--let's get outside, get some exercise, have fun with friends and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

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